What to Coach ~ How to Coach

What to Coach ~ How to Coach

taught by Nicole (Nikki) Turner
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Nicole (Nikki) Turner
Nicole (Nikki) Turner

About the instructor

Nikki, is an educator with 13 years of experience.  She has served in the capacity of a classroom teacher, district and building instructional coach, administrator, and school improvement and turnaround specialist for Indiana Department of Education.   She provides professional development for teachers, coaches, and administrators. 

Are you new to instructional coaching? Have you started conduct classroom observations and wonder where to start? 

If you nodded yes to any of these questions...

Then you are in the right place!

Developing a system of identifying where to start your coaching process with teachers is an essential to your success as a coach. 

In this webinar replay/mini-course, you will learn:

What to Coach

  • Components of Excellent Instruction 
  • Prioritizing Action Steps

How to Coach

  • Reviewing the Coaching Cycle 
  • Informal Observations vs Formal Observations

Feedback vs Coaching

Evidence-Based Feedback Collection

This mini-course comes with a video that you can stop and replay and a note-taking guide that will allow for you to take notes so that you can take action with the information that you learned. 

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Course Contents

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